Taking the week off...

I won't be updating Wonder Weenies during the first week of October.

I've got a couple of big projects I need to finish that I am excited about, and need the time. Have no fear however, there is good news! I will be tabling at a convention on October 8th! Yes- I thought my convention season was over, but oh-ho-ho-ho, an opportunity to table at MCBA's Fallcon fell into my lap and I had to take it. It rather snuck up on me (I am currently without a vehicle and scrambling to be ready), but come heck or high water, I am gonna be there! If you're gonna be near St. Paul Minnesota early October, put it on your schedule! You can find out more about the con here.  I can't say enough nice things about the MCBA and will always take part in one of their conventions whenever I can. I'll have some books, prints, lots of sketchcards, and buttons for sale. I'm also available for sketches at the con and as always you can order a commission at the show or ahead of time (email me at [email protected] with any commission requests).

We'll be back to wrap up the Epic Epoch story-arc on Tuesday October 11th! I am a huge!

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