Birthday week already?

Yup. I'm another year older this week. I don't wanna talk much about it other than I am taking the week off.

Well, that is to say there won't be any updates this week, I'm far from taking the time off. I'm working frantically to complete my contribution to this year's Collective Of Heroes Free Comic Book Day special. I'm very excited for that as I decide to write a sequel to last year's special... I'm also working to be ready for both Free Comic Book Day (when I'll be a guest at Granite City Comics where they're celebrating 30 years of being open and 15 years of Free Comic Book Day!) on May 7th! So if you're in central Minnesota, stop on by! I'll be debuting my Wonder Weenies themed sketch cards (provided they get printed on time- fingers crossed) and may even have a copy or two of Issue two of the print version of the comic on hand!

I'll also be at MSP Comicon the following weekend, May 14th and 15th. It's always a great con and this year will be the official debut of issue two of Wonder Weenies! I'll also have some new buttons for sale. Hope you can make it!

Well, rather short update this time, I know, but I wanted to let everyone know that Wonder Weenies was taking the week off and will return to regular updates on Tuesday April 19th see below. If I have time, I might draw myself a birthday comic, but I doubt I will.

See ya next time- I am a huge!


Okay... I may need to take another day off from the regular comic as my deadline for the special FCBD Collective of Heroes special is tighter than I originally anticipated (getting sick last week did NOT help). I hate to push off my returning to regular schedule like this, but I probably won't return to regular updates until Thursday, April 21st at the earliest and absolutely no later than Tuesday, April 26th.  The only plus side to this unscheduled break is you'll get to download an exclusive Wonder Weenies story along with a bunch of other great tales as part of the Collective Of Heroes Free Comic Book Day special PDF ala last year! Hopefully knowing that I am taking the hiatus to work on Wonder Weenies stuff will take the sting out of it for you. Okay... back to work for me!

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