Even More Health Updates

First off, thanks for bearing with me as I deal with my health issues. I have a lot going on and I do my absolute best to update on time. However, with all the medical appointments I need to get to as  of late combined with my overall fatigue makes that increasingly difficult. I will fight through this and get back to my usual regular posting schedule I promise.

Now about my health...

I am working with the University of Minnesota to get my kidney transplant (and possibly pancreas, more on that in a bit). While I am not officially on the transplant list yet, I am very very close. The team has all but given their approval to put me on the list- I just have a handful of things to accomplish before that can occur. They are:

get an angiogram Just got this last week- all good with the ol' ticker
get the okay from gastroenterology while they are still uncooperative at times, my intestines pose no transfer risk, plus I have a new med that seems to be helping
make sure my eyes are okay (they are doing much much better)
get  psych evaluation (this happens end of the month)
get my teeth fixed (this process is about to begin; it looks like they all gotta go and I get dentures. Hooray?)
lose 20 pounds to qualify for the pancreas (and once my teeth are gone and I am on a liquid diet for 6 weeks or so, this should be a breeze... right?)

On top of all that, dialysis three times a week for four hours a pop. Luckily, I am a Universal Recipient so once I am on the list officially that is huge in my favor. Plus all the time I've already been on dialysis counts towards my 'official' wait time on the transplant list, so that's nearly a year and a half (out of an average 2-5 year wait time) under my belt. I may have to take a slightly longer break when the transplant actually happens, but after that I can't wait to get back to conventions and plugging away at getting the tradepaperbacks and floppies printed for Wonder Weenies. I'll probably even Kickstart that. But first, I gotta focus on getting healthy and staying that way.

If I am too fatigued to get a comic done, I apologize in advance. as always, I do my best. I am a huge!

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