Finally... a BLOG update

Yes, yes... I know... I'm sorry. We believe we've finally fixed the blog and I promise I will get back to my semi-regular updates via the blog, okay? Now... when I last blogged it was still 2019. What's been happening?

oh boy.

Other than the obvious unraveling of society as we know it, I have had quite the 2020 as well. I discovered my kidneys are not functioning well and I need a new one. I also discovered they don't remove the old ones, they just kinda shove a new-to-me kidney in my abdomen someplace (apparently there's room). As I wait for this new (well, technically used but like new compared to mine), I am trying to sort out a digestive issue that is causing complications. My folks are convinced it is Crohn's as my dad was diagnosed with it, but all tests have been inconclusive. So, my health is a mess. You may have noticed that I am only updating Wonder Weenies once a week right now, usually Thursdays. Due to the fatigue and glut of appointments I am usually attending, one update is about all I can manage most weeks. Thanks to Covid, I am currently not working (at first because everyone was laid off, now because I am considered high risk and at my day job worked with germ machine teens and I don't wanna take chances; getting sick with this is NOT an option right now).

I want you all to know that I absolutely HATE missing updates. I also know that sometimes you have to know your limitations and I am only able to do about half of what I used to. I am doing my absolute best to consistently update at least that once a week (I do update twice if I can manage- I am a Minnesotan and stubborn). Follow me on Twitter (@CoreyremarK) for more regular updates on how I am doing... ya know, just in case the blog thingy breaks on me again (I am so sorry Chadmin I have no idea how I did that- he knows it wasn't my fault but I feel guilty all the same; Minnesotan).

Thanks for your support everyone- I am a huge!

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