Birthday Already? Better Update the Blog

Hello everyone! I don't update this this nearly often enough... let's fill ya all in.

Kidney wise, things are going well enough. I am officially on "the list" and am hoping to hear about a transplant soon. The waiting time can be up to seven years; I have two under my belt since I started dialysis. My regular doctor wants to check with my nephrologist about getting me on an appetite sup present to help me lose the last thirteen pounds before I qualify for a pancreas transplant... apparently the wait time is far less for both.

MY eyes are doing much better; I have had to get a series of injections then laser treatments to deal with some tearing in my retinas. My eye doctor says they are looking much much better; I still have some nagging black spider web like floaters, but these should dissipate given time. I hope. They're kind of annoying.

So why all the health focus? Because y'all are super supportive and thanks to my various issues I miss the occasional update (like today's, as I write this). I always do my absolute best to update everyone on my Twitter (@CoreyremarK) if I am not feeling well enough to post. Currently my goal is a minimum pof once a week... if and when I feel better after all my transplants are taken care of, I do want to either increase the number of times a week I update Wonder Weenies or start another strip in addition to it. I have several on my back burner.

As always, thanks for sticking in there with me through all this! I am a huge! 

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