Remedy :: Remedy and Ash will return!

The countdown begins!

Today's comic is, in continuity, number 490 (well... maybe 491 or 492 because I think I miscounted somewhere in the 300s... but let's just pretend I didn't, shall we?)... of course this means I get to celebrate another numerical milestone as I'm about to hit the big five-oh-oh!! We all know how much I love doing that!

Now, I know I didn't really celebrate my 500th update... I have no good excuse for that other than I keep track of how many comics I've drawn other than writing the title and number-whatever on the back of each one... I know I should celebrate the actual updates as well (as there are an additional 85 comics not in continuity worthy of celebration) but I focus on the comic itself. To make up for that, I am planning to blog each week through the rest of the summer leading up to our 500th comic!

This week, I am going to share one of my other passions: my love for the Atari 2600. Don't worry, it's connected to Wonder Weenies, I swear.

I've drawn another label for the fine folks over at Atari Age.  It's for their upcoming title, "Drive!"

I have already gotten a preview copy- it's some old school paddle controller fun! I highly recommend it if you are into vintage-retro video gaming fun! Now... what does this have to do with Wonder Weenies? Weeeelllll....

I also worked on this.  Let me explain:

I am a member of a Facebook group of like-minded Atari 2600 fans... I happened to win a drawing for a customized homebrew version of Space Invaders for the system and thought to myself: "well, heck, it would be ginchy cool if I had a Wonder Weenies themed Atari game, even if it was just mine" and asked the programmer to have a look at the comic and do something with that. Well, he did, and ultimately decided that Space Invaders for the 2600, while an excellent game, just didn't lend itself to a Wonder Weenies style game. He ultimately decided that the game Kaboom! by Activision lent itself more to a Wonder Weenies setting. And I have to agree! Here's a screenshot and a better look at the label:

The game is a lot of fun (I mean, c'mon- it's Kaboom!)... the premise is that Professor Highbrow has created an explosive condiment and has snuck it into various kinds of fast food in an effort to besmirch the Wonder Weenies good name! He is found out and begins to fling the food in an effort to blow everyone up instead- it's up to the Weenies to stop him! Miss three bits of explosive food and it's game over... Murrey can only block so much food with his mullet before he needs to go wash his locks, don'tchaknow. Currently, there is only one copy of the game in existence, mine... but we are talking about doing a limited release of the game. Because, hey, who doesn't love Kaboom! and Wonder Weenies?  I will keep you all posted if you're interested in getting a copy should the release happen (I really hope it does- it's no Gamestation-One release, but it's a Wonder Weenies video game, durn it!)

I'll be back next week with more celebratory bloggy goodness! Stay Remedial! I am a huge!

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