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I've been thinking a lot lately about the future. A lot of that has to do with things going on in my personal life, but mostly about what I want to do with my art... specifically, new projects I want to tackle.

First of all, no worries- Wonder Weenies will continue. Admittedly, I originally created the strip in an effort to sell something to the newspaper syndicates that wasn't based on people I knew (as I did not want to give up any rights to characters that close to me as giving up rights was a big part of newspaper syndication).  Of course, as newspapers died and I embraced the world of webcomics, Wonder Weenies became very near and dear to me and I am not giving it up anytime soon. If anything, I might up the number of days I update each week from two to three next year.

I also want to start a new webcomic called "Bruce Skypok." It's a humorous sci-fi comic about a space mailman that inadvertently creates an intergalactic incident after mis-delivering a very important package. It'\s something I originally created back in the mid-nineties when I was a student at Joe Kubert.  Again, I originally intended for this project to be a self-published mini-series. I had the entire first issue completed and am very proud of it... AND my art has improved a great deal since I originally started the project. I hope to start this comic up next year as well.

Finally, I have been giving serious thought to penning an auto-biographical comic based on my relationship with my child. I don't want to go too into it in a simple blog update, but they weren't a part of my life until they turned 18 and the story behind that is a fascinating tale.

Mostly, I have been trying to be optimistic about the future. I have had the absolute worst year, everybody. Regular readers know that I have been needing to take a series of self-care mini-breaks lately as depression set in and set in hard. The worst of it was last fall... and I got through it. The anniversary of some events is right over my horizon and I am a bit concerned that I might relapse a bit. ya know, though... I think I will be okay. I have a lot to look forward to... I want to get to more conventions next year; I want to have a better online presence for sales; and in general I want to create some kick-butt comics. I hope you'll stick around for the ride.

Thank you all. I am a huge.

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